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As quoted by Tyler Joseph, the band's singer, Twenty One Pilots is not simply one genre of music. They have aspects of alternative, rock, rap, pop, Electronic, punk, screamo, and more. Tyler has said their music is Schizophrenic Pop, and original genre by the singer. In my opinion, Twenty One Pilots is their own genre I simply call "Twenty One Pilots."

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they don't have a genre, but mostly emo.

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Q: What genre of music is twenty one pilots?
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Is twenty one pilots a band?

No, they're pilots that are twenty one years old and happen to make music, too.

Who are Twenty One Pilots?

Twenty One Pilots are musical duo from Ohio.

Where did Twenty One Pilots originate?

Columbus Ohio

How good is twenty one pilots?

The best trust me

What movie and television projects has Twenty One Pilots been in?

Twenty One Pilots has: Played Themselves-Musical Guest in "Conan" in 2010. Played Themselves - Musical Guest in "Big Morning Buzz Live" in 2011. Played Themselves in "2013 MTV Video Music Awards" in 2013. Played Band in "MtvU Woodie Awards 2013" in 2013. Played themselves - Musical Group in "Twenty One Pilots: Live from the LC" in 2013.

What are the release dates for Twenty One Pilots Live from the LC - 2013?

Twenty One Pilots Live from the LC - 2013 was released on: USA: 19 August 2013 (internet)

What are twenty-one pilots fans called?

The Skull Clique

Is twenty one pilots best?


How are twenty one pilots fans called?

The Skull Clique

How did twenty one pilots get their band name?

Twenty One Pilots got their band name from a true event. I don't recall what this event is called but it had to do with a scam. Tyler played in a play where a man had to make a very difficult decision. He had to chose between keeping him and his family safe, but twenty one pilots were killed or the pilots were safe but he and his family would lose all their belongings. I hope I answered your question.

Is twenty one pilots for girls?

No, they aren't. They are for any gender and any age.

How can I get ahold of twenty one pilots?

Try the Air Force. Former USAF pilots are often looking for work that will keep them in the cockpit.