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My little Girl

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Q: What genre of music does Tim McGraw sing?
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What was the first song Taylor Swift sing?

Tim Mcgraw

In Taylor Swift's album which one is Tim Mcgraw in?

"Tim McGraw" is the name of the song on her album. He does not sing with her on it.

Did Tim McGraw sing with Britney Spears?


Who sing live like you were dying?

Tim McGraw

Who is the guy in the Tim McGraw music video?

The man in the 'Tim McGraw' music video by Taylor Swift is confirmed to be Clayton Collins.

What was Taylor Swifts first movie?

Valentine Day with Taylor Lautner

Who is mark mcgraw?

Mark McGraw is the half-brother of country music artist Tim McGraw.

What song does Taylor swift sing the word truck?

It's called Tim McGraw.

Is Tim McGraw still working at music?

yes and he will be for a long time

What is Taylor swift holding in the Tim McGraw music video?

A radio

Who is the most popular male country music singer of the 21st century?

Johnny Cash was the most popular country music musician of all time.

Where can one go to watch the Tim McGraw videos?

One can go to the world's largest video provider to see multiple Tim McGraw videos. Tim McGraw has his own YouTube profile with all of his music videos displayed on there for all to see.