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Q: What genre is August burns red?
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When was August Burns Red created?

August Burns Red was created in 2003.

When was Constellations - August Burns Red album - created?

Constellations - August Burns Red album - was created on 2009-07-14.

When was Home - August Burns Red album - created?

Home - August Burns Red album - was created on 2010-06-04.

August Burns Red a good band?

If you're into screamo

In what year was the band August Burns Red formed?

The band August Burns Red was formed in 2003 while most of its members were seniors in high school. They are an American metalcore band from Manheim, Pennsylvania.

What are some Christian screamo bands?

August Burns Red, Mychildren Mybride...

How old are the members of August Burns Red?

Most of them are between 27 and 30. One is younger. About 23.

Who is the best metal drummer?

Jimmy sullivan-Avenged Sevenfold Matt Griener -August Burns Red

What Christian metal bands made Christmas songs?

August Burns Red and Austrian Death Machine.

Who is josh mcmanness?

is 1 of the 2 ex-vocalists of the American metalcore band August Burns Red.

What genre is Carol of The Bells by August Burns Red?

epic.......just kidding. obviously it is holiday music, but in their metalcore style. no vocals (so no screaming), but there is some great instrumental going on, and there is a many Christmas songs have breakdowns?exactly, just this one, and it is quite good

What element burns orange and red?

calcium burns red sodium burns orange