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Q: What genre is Anna Nalick's song Breathe classified as?
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The cast of Fais Pas Genre - 2013 includes: Julie Duclos as Anna

What is the genre of blessings by Anna quindlen?

"Blessings" by Anna Quindlen falls under the genre of contemporary fiction. It explores themes of family, relationships, and societal norms through its character-driven narrative.

What actors and actresses appeared in Breathe In - 2012?

The cast of Breathe In - 2012 includes: Saskia Crowley as Deirdre Anna Keane as Grace

What is Anna Nalick's voice type?

Anna Nalick is classified as a soprano, known for her clear and strong voice in the higher vocal range.

When was Anna Nalick discovered and how?

She sang her hit single in 2005, Breathe also known as 2 AM.

How can one listen the song Breathe sung by Anna Nalick?

There are quite a number of various ways that one can listen to the song Breathe by Anna Nalick. Some of the best ways are to purchase the song on the Itunes store or on a video sharing website such as YouTube or DailyMotion.

Who sings the song Breathe that was on Grey's Anatomy last Sunday?

"Breathe (2AM)" Anna Nalick Columbia the show, Chyler Leigh sang the song.

What Anna nalick song was used in the movie A lot like love?

Type your answer here... breathe(2AM)

What is Anna Nalick most known for?

Anna Nalick is an American singer-songwriter most known for her hit song, "Breathe (2AM)." This song was released on her debut album, "Wreck of the Day."

What movie is the song breathe in?

the tunnel rats. compositor jessica de rooij, interprete Caitlin tortorici

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Anna Abreu is a pop, R&B, and dance singer from Vantaa, Finland. At 16 years old she was the third season winner of the singing competition "Finnish Pop Idol" in 2007.

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The novel that is called The Luxe was written by a woman by the name of Anna Godbersen. It is of the young adult genre and is centered around Manhattan's upper class.