What genre are The Bangles?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What genre are The Bangles?
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What genre of music were The Bangles?

Although I am not particularly familiar with the group The Bangles, I have researched this for you. The best answer I came up with is that they are a dance/pop group that formed in the early 80's.

When was The Bangles created?

The Bangles was created in 1981.

Are the Bangles dead or not?

No. Every member of The Bangles is alive.

What do stars and bangles stand for?

stars and bangles is US national song

Are bangles for Indians?

Bangles are for anyone. They are "in" at all times of the year too.

When was The Bangles - album - created?

The Bangles - album - was created in 1982-06.

Where can an inexpensive 9ct gold bangle be purchased?

Sears sells gold bangles very cheap and inexpensively. This is a good place to buy your gold bangles, but gold bangles are absolutely useless and a waste of money so do not buy gold bangles.

Jimmy buffet Mamas and Papas the Bangles?

Is there any relation between Momas and Papas and the Bangles.

When was Everything I Wanted - The Bangles song - created?

Everything I Wanted - The Bangles song - was created in 1990.

Who wrote walk like an Egyptian for the Bangles?

ANSWER - American songwriter Liam Sternberg.

Are the bangles still alive?

yes all the bangles are alive still but the band is not together any more what is like a bummer i am just a kid who is 8 but the bangles and the beatles are my favourite bands and they are from the 80's and the 60's but yes the bangles are still alive but not together as a band

What is The Bangles' Funday?