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1. Keeping water in the coconuts

2. Propper lavatorys

3. Keeping the signal fire going

4. The problem of the beast and whether or not it was real

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Q: What four complaints does Ralph bring up at the hastily called assembly?
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How many boys voted for Ralph in the assembly?

There were 25 boys who voted for Ralph in the assembly.

Which kids are left in the assembly in Lord of the Flies?

When Ralph blew the conch to called the final assembly, after Piggy's glasses were stolen during the night time raid, the only boys who were present were Piggy, Samneric, a few littluns and Ralph.

What is Ralphs second complaint?

Ralph complaints that shamar Edwards is a black guy

What are Ralph three complaints that the boys have failed to do in chapter 5?

In Chapter 5 of "Lord of the Flies," Ralph's complaints are that the boys are not maintaining the signal fire properly, they are not focusing on building shelters, and they are neglecting any sense of order and responsibility in the group.

What does jack do in response to Ralph's attempting to call in assembly?

Jack refuses to listen to Ralph's attempt to call an assembly and instead challenges Ralph's authority by leading his group of boys away from the assembly point. This action represents Jack's growing desire to rebel against Ralph's leadership and assert his own control over the group.

Why did Ralph's assembly fall in disarray?

Ralph's assembly fell in disarray because the boys were more focused on their immediate desires and fears than on maintaining order and following the rules of the assembly. The lack of effective leadership and growing chaos on the island contributed to the breakdown of the assembly.

What time of day does Ralph unwisely choose for this assembly?

late in the evening

During the assembly How many voted Ralph shouldn't be chief?

All the boys except the choir. It doesn't specify exactly how many.

What rule does Ralph lay down at the first assembly?

In The Lord of the Flies, during the first assembly Ralph lays down the rule that only the person holding the conch can talk. The conch symbolizes law, order and civilization.

Why does Ralph chastise the boys during the assembly at the beginning of Chapter 5?

hes hungry

Why is it unwise for Ralph to discuss the beast at an evening assembly?

it scares the littluns and they feel endangered

What are Ralphs complaints chapter 5?

In Chapter 5 of "Lord of the Flies," Ralph's main complaints are about the lack of order and responsibility among the boys. He is frustrated by their obsession with hunting and not prioritizing the signal fire, which leads to them missing a chance of rescue. Ralph also criticizes the boys' disregard for important tasks like building shelters and maintaining the civilization they had initially established.