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Arabic Typesetting

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Century Gothic

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Bauer Bodoni ?

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Curlz MT

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Q: What font is used on rihanna's album good girl gone bad?
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What rihannas third album called?

Good Girl Gone Bad

What album is Rihannas don't stop the music on?

Don't Stop the Music is included in her third album Good Girl Gone Bad which was released on June 05, 2007.

What are the names of all rihannas CD's?

Music of the Sun (2005) A Girl Like Me (2006) Good Girl Gone Bad (2007) Rated R (2009)

When was Good Girl Gone Bad - Mia X album - created?

Good Girl Gone Bad - Mia X album - was created on 1995-11-21.

What are the names of rihannas albums?

I think they are Music Of The Sun, A Girl Like Me, Good Girl Gone Bad ,Kill me Orgasmicly and Rated R.should have be called good girl gone badder.1. music of the sun2. a girl like me3. good girl gone bad4. good girl gone bad reloaded5. good girl gone bad reloaded remixes6. rated r7. rated r remixes6. loud9. talk that talk

What Rihanna album is Umbrella on?

Good Girl Gone Bad

When is rihanna's next album coming out?

Good girl gone bad

How many seats at the MEN arena?

it has a capacity of 3,000 to 21,000 but in Rihannas good girl gone bad tour there were over 40,000 people there.! hope this heps, xx :)

What font is Gone written in?

Gone is written in the font times new roman

What was rihanna's album called out in 2008?

Good Girl Gone Bad i think.

What album is the song take a bow on?

It's on Good Girl Gone Bad.

What is the name of rihanna new album with disturbia on it?

a good girl gone bad