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Q: What font is used in benidorm tv series?
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What is the duration of Benidorm TV series?

The duration of Benidorm - TV series - is 2880.0 seconds.

When was Benidorm - TV series - created?

Benidorm - TV series - was created on 2007-02-01.

Why is benidorm famous?

Because of the night life and the TV series

What is the font used in prisoner cell block h tv series?

The font used in the "Prisoner: Cell Block H" TV series is likely a custom or unique font created specifically for the show. It is not a widely available or commonly used font.

What is the name of the male singer in the current series of the tv series benidorm?

Shaun Foster-Conley

What font used for the tv series community?

The font used for the TV series "Community" is called "Trade Gothic." It is a sans-serif typeface known for its clean, modern appearance and is commonly used in branding and graphic design.

Who sung spanish eyes in tv series benidorm?

I believe it was Madge and Mel who sung spanish eyes in the TV series Benidorm because i remember they were singing it while it was the final episode and everybody was at the airport

What is the real name of the hotel in the benidorm tv series?

sol pelicanos/ocas

What is the font used in The Prisoner TV series?

The font used is a derivative of the Albertus™ Font Family. Check out the link below for more info. bcnu!

What font was used in the opening credits for the sci-fi TV series Eureka?


What is the solana hotel from benidorm called?

If you mean the TV series, it's a fictional hotel.

What is the font from the Showtime tv series Dexter?

It's Soda Script font.