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What films are in the warner brosessential war collection?

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Q: What films are in the warner bros essential war collection?
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Is Batman the movie is owned by Warner bros or 20th century fox?

Batman films are owned by Warner Bros.

Are they going to bring back Godzilla films?

legendary pictures and warner bros. are thinking about it

Did Nora Ephron direct any Warner Brothers films and is Sleepless in Seattle one of her films?

Sleepless in Seattle is a Nora Ephron film, but it is not a Warner Bros. film. She has three movies that Warner Bros. is attached to. Warner Bros. was one of the distributors for Michael (1996). They were one the prodution companies and distributors for You've Got Mail (1998). And they were one of the distribution companies in Spain for Lucky Numbers(2000).

Who are the bros refer to in Warner Bros?

The founders of Warner Bros are: Jack Warner Harry Warner Albert Warner Sam Warner ;-)

When was Warner Bros. created?

Warner Bros. was created in 1918.

What is Warner Bros?

it is a company who make many well known antimations and films, such as bugs bunny and harry potter :D

Brothers who started the movie industry?

Warner Bros Warner Bros

What industry is Warner Bros famous for?

Warner Bros if famous for being in the film industry. It is a subsidiary of Time Warner. Warner Bros opened their first theater in 1903 in Pennsylvania.

When was Warner Bros. Cartoons created?

Warner Bros. Cartoons was created in 1933.

Which film company started a craze for gangster movies with films like Little Caesar The Public Enemy and Scarface?

warner bros.

What other companies are linked or owned by Warner Bros?

Warner Bros. is itself a subsidiary company of Time Warner. However, Warner Bros has some subsidiary companies including:New Line CinemaDC EntertainmentWarner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentWarner Bros. AnimationWarner Home VideoWarner Bros. Television

Was Lord of the Rings a warner bros?

New Line Cinema which is part of Warner Bros .