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Q: What female artist is the richest?
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Who the richest female artist?


Who is richest hispanic female artist?

Cliff Richard

Who is the female richest hihop artist?

Mariah Carey

Richest female hip pop artist?

According to Forbes magazine, in 2014, the richest female hip-hop artist is Missy Elliot. This artist, famous for songs like "Get Ur Freak On" reportedly has a net worth of $251 Million.

Who is the richest hip pop female artist 2008?


Who is the richest Nigerian artist?

As of recent data, Aliko Dangote, a Nigerian businessman, is considered one of the richest individuals in Nigeria. In terms of Nigerian artists, musicians such as Davido, Wizkid, and Don Jazzy are among the wealthiest in the industry.

Richest hip hop artist in Nigeria?

p-square the most richest hip hop artist in nigeria

Who is the richest Haitian compass artist?

T-Vice with Artist Roberto and Renaldo are the two richest Haitian artist With a net worth of about 1.5 Million.

Who is the richest us Hip Hop artist 2008?

50 cent is the richest us hip hop artist for 2008

Richest solo artist?


Who is the Richest Nigerian rap artist?

I'll say naeto c is the richest Nigerian rap artist for now, check this guy out. Acolad

Who is the richest musician in Ghana?

i think samini is the richest hip life artist in Ghana