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Q: What famous person demonstrates self control?
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Why mildness requires self control?

A person who has a mild personality requires self control so they do not get angry and have bursts of emotions. If you have self control you will be able to handle stressful situations more easily.

Who are some famous people with no self confidence?

Sammy Davis, Jr. was a famous person with no self confidence. He had to keep telling himself, "Yes, I Can". That is also the title of his autobiography. Sean Connery is another person that thinks he is not confident. Ronald Reagan was also another famous person with low self confidence.

How do you control sexuality in men?

Any such control comes from within the person. It is called self discipline.

What makes people famous?

to make a person famous i think that the person should be talented, self respect and should have certain skills and qualities by nayla and camila

Why are people so control jealousy and obessessses?

Obsessiveness, jealousy, and 'control' are typically signs of a person insecurities and low self esteem.

How do you get self control?

You control your self and not doing anything bad and copy other people wit good self control

How do you not be jelous?

Try not to be around that person an try to stop looking at you can take control of your self.

A person who doesn't limit spending to the amount of money earned is probably lacking which of these?

self control

Person who doesn't limit spending to the amount of money earned is probably lacking which of these?

Self control ;-)

What is meaning of self-control?

Control of one's self; restraint exercised over one's self; self-command.

What is the difference between self efficacy and self mastery?

Self efficacy: a person's belief in their own competence. Self mastery: the ability to make the most out of your physical, mental, and spiritual health or otherwise know as self control

How do you control sexual desire?

It all depends! If you mean to literally have sex, then it depends on self control. If you know the person well, like your bf/gf, then talk to them. If its someone you just met, then wait. Self control. That's all it takes.

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