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* Erwin "Magic" Johnson, former NBA Star * Julius "Doctor J" Irving, former NBA Star * Karl "the Mailman" Malone, former NBA star * Shaquille "Shack" O'Neil, L.A. Lakers NBA star * William "the Refrigerator" Perry * LeBron James, NBA star, "King James" * Dorcey Levins, NFL running back, won Superbowl w/ Green Bay, 1992, "Dorsey the Horsey" * Reggie White, also won Superbowl with Green Bay, "The Minister of Defense" * Gilbert Brown, also won Superbowl with Green Bay, "The Grave Digger" * Mark Chemurra, 1992 Packers, "Superman" because of a tatoo on his upper arm * Richard Nixon, 37th US President, "Tricky Dicky"

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Q: What famous people have well known nick names?
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