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Just from the top of my head (please feel free to Google to verify correctness) I can think of these (more or less famous) people that have suffered from or still (on/off) are suffering from chronic Mercury poisoning (heavy metal toxicity) :

*Jeremy Piven

*Victoria Beckham

*Robbie Williams

*Nicole Murphy

*Lisa Marie Presley

*Daphne Zuniga

*Janelle Monáe

*Andrew Jackson

*Tycho Brahe

*Hillary Swank

Etc. etc.

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Louisa May Alcott died of it at the age of 56.

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Q: What famous people have mercury poisoning?
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What happens when you get Mercury poisoning?

Have you heard about mercury poisoning? people in china are slowly dying of mercury poisoning. due to energy saving light bulbs! do you know what the side effects of mercury poisoning are?

How many people get mercury poisoning a year?

about just about 750

Which would kill you quicker mercury poisoning or smoking?

Mercury poisoning.

What causes Mercury poisoning?


Is there a cure for Mercury poisoning?

Certain prescription medcine do help mercury poisoning go away. I beleive

Do dolphins have Mercury poisoning?

yes they do thy have mercury poisoning that's why japan is still thinkingabout eating the dolphins

How is Mercury poisoning treated by doctors?

A person diagnosed with mercury poisoning may be prescribed a drug that binds the mercury, and thus helps the body excrete it quickly.

What does Mercury poisoning do?

poisoning from elemental mercury is most likely due to inhalation of mercury vapors. The danger lies in the fact that after it is inhaled into the lungs in vapor form, mercury passes into the blood stream.

Does Johnny Depp have mercury poisoning?

He does not.

What are the dangers of using mercury?

Mercury is highly toxic and working with it can cause mercury poisoning.

How many people got mercury poisoning?

well, yearly it is around 750. so far it is about 45k

How do doctors diagnose mercury poisoning?

Doctors are able to diagnose mercury poisoning by performing tests on hair, blood and urine. Urine is the best method for diagnosing a recent poisoning episode.