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european architecture and windows

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Q: What famous people does the french paper currency often feature?
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What currency do the French people use?

In France they use the Euro. French people can use whatever currency is appropriate in the country they are in.

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"Currency" is "la monnaie" in French. L'Euro est la monnaie utilisée en France > the Euro is the currency used in France.

What are the French famous for?

French people are mostly famous for their cheese and wine!

How do many French schools get their names?

They are named after famous French people.

Are there any famous french people?

Sliimy is a famous pop star.

Famous French people alive?

my grandma

Who are some famous french sport people?


What famous French people were born in 1909?

your mother

Famous black French people?

I have no IDEA :D

Famous french people now?

colette magny

Are Paris people famous for their french fries?

French call that just fries. You can eat some in Paris but parisians are not specially famous for them.