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Q: What famous men had children by slaves?
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Who were slaves in ROME?

the slaves in rome were prisoners from war when rome defeated Carthage they took over 200,000 slaves and half were women and children most men were killed due to possible uprisings and soldiers were more commonly men. they were alsoanyone that was in extreme debt(rare slaves)

What did they do to the Holocaust men?

they were killed like the women and children, though they may have been used as slaves first.

What did men slaves do for jobs?

Men slaves had sex with white men and donkeys!

When people were conquered by Rome what did Rome do with the people?

the women would be wifes/mothers or slaves, the children would be slaves and the men would be killed. when greece was taken over though since they were so well educated they would be taken as slaves to the rich to teach their children.

What are African slaves?

African slaves are men, women, and children taken from the continent of Africa and sold to people in other countries as slaves. A slave's duties varied from to intensive field work to caring for children.

Were gladiators slaves or free men?

they were slaves not free men

Who were slaves in ancient Greece?

Men, women and children either captured and sold into slavery, or born to a slave mother.

What is the social pyramid of ancient greece?

The social structure of ancient Greece was basically split between free men and slaves. The slaves had absolutely no rights, and neither did women or children.

Why did Sparta have slaves?

They were a warrior culture and when they defeated another city they typically killed the men and put the woman and children into slavery.

In 1863 what was the problem with slaves and words of the declaration of independence that all men are created equal?

slaves did not have the right to vote the word "men" did not inclued slaves

Was there slavery in acient Greece?

Yes there was slavery. The ancient civilizations all had slaves. They were men who were taken in war and women and children taken as booty in war. There was a huge trade by Greek pirates in slaves.

At what age did female slaves begin to have children?

At what age did female slaves begin to have children.