What family guy episode featured dan rather?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Dan Rather appears in several Family Guy episodes:

  • In Brian in Love, after Peter says that crazy people have had normal, successful lives, a picture of Rather appears on-screen.
  • In Lethal Weapons, Peter, trying to scare of the New Yorkers, says that he had eaten Dan Rather. Peter then throws a picture of him taped to a broom on the ground.
  • In The Kiss Seen Around the World, Rather is mentioned during the struggle between the Mass Media Murderer and Hugh Downs.
  • In Petarded, he is parodied, like many other shows, because of the fact that he whistles when he says "s" sounds. He comically says the following sentence, "Good evening, I'm Dan Rather and tonight on the CBS News, seven Saudi soldiers sodomized several of Saddam's southern settlement squatters." Then he starts whistling loudly, while steam starts to come out of his ears, as if he were a tea kettle. A repairman comes over and moves him to another chair and he finishes by saying "I'm Dan Rather."

Information taken from Family Guy Wiki

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Q: What family guy episode featured dan rather?
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