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* Devon Carter - Lil' J (Jonathan "Lil'J" McDaniel) Raven's recurring boyfriend. He appeared in 9 episodes in Seasons 2 and 3, beginning with the episode Out of Control. He moved with his family to Seattle after his father had re-married, despite the desperate attempts of Raven to stop them from leaving. His last appearance as Raven's boyfriend was in the episode Adventures in Boss Sitting. He also had a little sister, whom he was very close to. She was threatened when Raven started dating her brother, and always set out to sabotage their relationship. His last appearance was in the episode Save the Last Dance when he came with his father to surprise Raven, although he left that same night. Raven never made it to the prom, but she was able to dance with Devon after they drove past each other.

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Q: What episodes were Devon in from that so raven?
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