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Family Guy viewer mail

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Q: What episode of family guy does peter finds a genie?
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What family guy episode did peter wear a military uniform?

Family Guy Petoria Episode.

What is the 255th episode aired on Family Guy?

The 255th episode aired on Family Guy was "Peter's Sister"

What episode on family guy is peter a strawberry?

Season 7 Episode 16

Where can you find the clip of the Family Guy episode with the racist sunflower?

Season 5 Episode 13: Bill and Peter's Bogus Journey - watch it free,_Episode_13:_Bill_and_Peter/'s_Bogus_Journey.HTMLif anyone finds the answer, I'll be waiting too. Or what episode is it in so i can watch it on which has every single episode made. yone finds out, I'll be waiting tooIf anits the episode where peter hangs out with bill ClintonEdit by Numberonejrio: guys.

Who is the singer in the Family Guy episode where Peter dies on his anniversary?

Peter Frampton

What is the episode of family guy when peter's boss falls in love with him?


What episode does peter say these are facts?

"Family Gay"

In which Family Guy episode does Peter sing 2 Unlimited?

Family Gay.

In what episode does Peter Griffin go to the CIA?

This never happens in an episode of Family Guy.

What episode of family guy where peter shoots himself?

The episode where Peter cheats death which is entitled "Death is a B****" (explative deleted).

What is the 186th episode aired on Family Guy?

Tea Peter

In which episode does Peter get a brain damaged horse?

The Brain Damaged Horse is on the episode "Family Gay" when peter buys a mentally retarded horse instead of Lois' Groceries.