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patriot games season 4 classic episode and in tales of a third grade nothing season 7 episoad 6

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Q: What episode of Family Guy says 'shpoople'?
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Whats the name of the character in family guy plays shpoople with peter?

He plays with Fjurg van der Ploeg, also the owner of a bakery.

What cartoon says Whaaaaaat?

i think its family guy the episode is jungle love

In which episode of Family guy does peter says the world is moving around me and im scared?


What is the family guy episode were stewie does the star wars suicide mission and then says 'got you' and hits peter in the head with a spaceship?

family guy season 8 episode 15 "Brian Griffin's House of Payne" total episode 141

What family guy episode did peter wear a military uniform?

Family Guy Petoria Episode.

What is the episode in family guy where mort goldman says please dont spit in your eggs?

The episode is "Stuck Together, Torn Apart" from Season 3, episode #19

What episode of family guy is it that Stewie says hey big guy doin all right Want a soda?

Mr Saturday Knight.

What is the 255th episode aired on Family Guy?

The 255th episode aired on Family Guy was "Peter's Sister"

Is there an episode of Family Guy with a guy in panties?


What is the name of the episode of family guy where stewie is dancing without his shirt on and says to another guy you know the guy who owns this place?

Stewie Griffen the untold story

Which episode of family guy did Brian hit Peter in the face with a newspaper and say no?

This scene occurs in Season 2, Episode 2 of Family Guy titled "Holy Crap." Brian hits Peter in the face with a newspaper and says "No" in response to Peter not heeding his advice.

What episode of family guy does mayor Adam west say why thank you tinkle fairy?

Mayor West says that in the episode titled "PTV" from Season 4