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kid shnitzel

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Q: What episode is Chowder is shown as a kid?
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What is the last episode of Chowder?

The last episode is Chowder Grows Up, on August 2010.

Which chowder episode did chowder have a car wash?

In the episode where Truffles gets sick. And they have to look after the money box.

What is the name of the little goat kid on chowder?

The little goat kid's name is Ceviche' .He was first on the show at the apprentice game as the partner of panini . Later he stars in the episode Dinner Theater .

What will be the first episode of goosebumps?

it will chowder

Is panini getting married with chowder?

Yes, Chowder and Panini get married as it was shown in the 30 minute special, "Chowder Grows Up".

What episode did chowder kiss panini in?

The end of the Bluenana and the end of the episode with Kinishmas

What episode of chowder has a chicktopus?

the blt. i hope that helpped you

What is the creepy pink and orange dancing thing on Chowder on the episode that Chowder and Mung's last apprentice were in the death maze?

Panini .

Will Cartoon Network keep making chower episode after the Chowder Grows Up special?

No, Unless They Make One About Scraps And Chowder, They Are Done With Chowder. ( Hopefully, They Do Continue The Show.) :(

Will chowder the cartoon ever continue on Cartoon Network?

Sadly, no. :( It all ended with the episode "Chowder Grows Up." I feel your pain. O-O

Is chowder the series over?

Yes, the show ended with Chowder growing up. The last episode was aired in 2010.

Is chowder every going to be with panini?

Yes they got married and had 50 babies. This happened in the last episode today August 7th 7:55 PM. RIP Chowder