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if ur on about when she says! "ya sure of course"" its achy jakey heart. peace!!!!!!x*x

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Q: What episode in Hannah Montana does she say of course of course of course?
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What is the name of the Hannah Montana episode when Hannah forgot the national antonym?

"o say can you remember the words"

What episode does Hannah Montana forget the national anthem?

The episode is called "O Say, Can You Remember The Words?"

Is there one episode left of Hannah Montana or not?

depends, there are rumors that she commited suicide and others say its a lie.

How do you say Hannah Montana in Japanese?

to say Hannah it's "hannahsan" srry but idk about Montana

When they say last episode of Hannah Montana does that mean no more Hannah?

They will still show episodes but they will not make any new episodes from now on. They are ending season 4 of Hannah Montana Forever soon by showing the season finale. :(

What episode of Hannah Montana did Jackson say you said good day daddy you said good day?

Season 1 episode 22 at around 10 minutes into the episode.

Is Hannah Montana attracted to girls?

As a former Hannah Montana Fan... I would say NO !

Do you like being Hannah Montana and singing on stage?

I'm not Hannah Montana... So i couldn't say...

Does Hannah Montana love me?

Hannah Montana loves everyone...don't you hear her say that at the end of all the concerts?

Is Sonny With a Chance better than Hannah Montana?

I think they are a close call but i have to say Hannah Montana is funnier

You love Hannah Montana why?

I didn't say I do.

How is hanah montanah?

Hannah Montana is not real, Miley Cyrus plays Hannah Montana and she stops doing Hannah Montana. The actual Miley Cyrus is singing now. So you can't say how Hannah Montana cause she's not real.