What episode does kohaku acompany sesshomaru?

Updated: 8/29/2023
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It's near the very end of the series when InuYasha and the gang are trying to defeat Naraku and for like 7 episodes Naraku is in that HUGE barrier that's so powerful. Kohaku is with Sesshoumaru the whole time.

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episode 99 where his friends get worried when koga and sesshomaru meet

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Episode 36

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Q: What episode does kohaku acompany sesshomaru?
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Why can't sesshomaru save kohaku using his sword?

Because the shard is too powerful for the sword. Too much EVIL!

What episode does rin follow kohaku into mt Hagurashi?

*Mt Hakurei Episode 111

What was the name of the 49th episode of inuyasha?

Episode 49: Kohaku's Lost Memories There you go! -Miz

What episode of inuyasha does sesshomaru throw a rock at jaken?

episode 35

What inuyasha episode did kagome met sesshomaru?

the third or fourth episode.

Is there an episode where kikyo and sesshomaru battle?

No there is not,sorry

Does Inuyasha defeat Nariko?

Yes he does, actually. In the final act he and his group, sesshomaru's group, Kohaku and I think maybe Koga help a little. Kinda hard to think they don't defeat him though.... Spoiler: (Sesshomaru gets a new arm and a new sword.)

What episode did seshomaru save the little girl?

It was episode 35 that Sesshomaru saved Rin.

Which episode in Inuyasha Sesshomorldaru saves rin from the under world?

*Sesshomaru Episode 35

What episode in InuYasha does Kagura kidnap Rin?

Episode 80: "Sesshomaru and the Abducted Rin"

What episode of Inuyasha does Jaken nuzzle Sesshomaru's fluff?

In episode 116. They are looking for rin who was kidnaped and jaken got off subject trying to talk to sesshomaru who was ignoring him at the time.

In what episode of Inuyasha do we see sesshomaru's mom?

in episode 9