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Vanished in a river of falmes and Fateful Night in Togenkyo Part 2. It's ironic how they thought a being pushed off a cliff could him (he was human at the mo,ent but that demon tree saved in and ended up as plant dust, and how Kagome thought that Inuyasha was blown up [all courtsey of Koga's comment "Stupid mytt blew him self to bits" if memory serves] so these are two episodes where Kagome thinks that Inuyasha dies. If he died don't you think that would be the end of the series as we already know it?)

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Q: What episode does kagome think inuyasha is dead?
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What episodes does inuyasha make kagome cry?

Inuyasha shows his tears for the first time, is the episode

In what episodes does Kagome fake being dead?

I don't think Kagome fakes being dead in any episode.

When does inuyasha ruin Kogome's bike?

In episode 160, Inuyasha lands on Kagome's bike, (which she spends about an hour polishing) she gets mad, runs to school while Inuyasha tries to fix, but ruins it more and more, Kagome had invited her friends to her house, they notice Kagome's bike and thinks its a type of art sculpture. (Inuyasha is sooo dead ^u^)

If kikyo was still alive who would inuyasha chose?

idk if he would choose kikyo because he can be hiself around kagome so...... and kikyos dead. i think inuyasha loves kagome more

What episode where inuyasha and kagome become boyfriend and girlfriend?

they dont because inuyasha still loves kikiyo ( i dont know why she's dead and ugly) but they do kiss in the 2nd movie ok hope you engoy :)

Why does inuyasha cry in episode 104?

Because Kagome, Sango, and Miroku were poisoned. So he was crying because he thought they were dead. Also he felt guilty.

Is inuyasha a two timing?

no inuyasha is not a two timer because kagome a recarnation of kikyo and kikyo is the walking dead

Is there any video or episode of Inuyasha were they show Inuyasha's birth?

That one is an easy one. In the movie where Sesshomaru and Inuyasha have to team up to defeat their father's enemy who has come back from the dead, as well as rescue Rin and Kagome, they have the scene where Inuyasha is born and when he gets the Cloak of the Fire Rat from his father. His father also picked his name. I think its the first one they made.

What episode is it where inuyasha appears dead?

episode 42 :)

Is Inuyasha in love with Kagome or Kikyo?

Kikyo . If any of you has ever truly been in love; you will come to realize that no one can compare to your first love..specially when the fifty years inuyasha and kikyo were sealed/dead happened just a moment ago for them . Kagome does have a special place in Inuyashas heart though . Ok. He actually loves both of them but after kikyo dies and inuyasha starts to love kagome more. But he still loves kikyo even though shes dead.

In what episode does naraku die?

The manga for InuYasha finished in a series called "Inuyasha: The Final Act". In this Naraku does indeed die, as the story finishes out the manga series. He finally dies after InuYasha and his group, along with Sesshomaru, combine their powers and destroy him.

Why does koga love kagome?

In the beginning he only kidnapped her because she could see the sacred jewel shard, so then he took her so she could spot the jewel shards from the birds of paradise and protect his tribe. During the fight with the birds of paradise, however, kagome shot a bird of paradise and saved one of his men. when he saw her courage he fell in love with her and declares that she’s now β€˜his woman.’ I hope this helped!