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at episode 102 he says good-bye to Amu and kisses her on the cheek, unfortunately they don't show Ikuto actually leaving to go on the plane. T.T

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Q: What episode does ikuto leave?
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What episode does ikuto appear as death rebel in shugo chara?

Ikuto apperas ad death rebel in episode 76

What's the first episode in Shugo Chara when Ikuto Character Transformed?

Ikuto transformed first in episode 13.Hope that helped!

What episode does amu say she hates ikuto?

episode 13

What episode does ikuto play with yarn?

i think it was episode 59

In what episode does ikuto grab amu by her chin?

Is episode 25

What episode does Ikuto is playing with balls of yarn?

Episode 66

What episode does ikuto sleep on amu's lap?

Episode 26

When did ikuto meet amu?

ikuto meets amu in the first or second episode on a building site

What Shugo Chara episode is Amu and Ikuto in the rain?

episode 53

Does ikuto like amu when he first met her?

no, but later and later ikuto gets more into amu and in the last episode in shugo chara ikuto kisses her on the cheek

What episode does amu find ikuto in a alley hurt?

i think its episode 26

Is ikuto going to be in shugo chara party?

yes Ikuto does come back in episode 24(at the end) and all of 25!