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He gets trained in dragon ball gt. The first episode.

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Q: What episode does Goku train with uub?
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What happens on the last episode of Dragon Ball Z?

On the last episode of dbz, Goku went on another journey to train Uub for the next few years.

What happend to goku and vageta after they killed kid buu?

goku and vegeta went to the mix martial arts tournament and he was fighting uub then uub seen tht goku can fly and but couldn't fly so goku left the tournament to train uub

Is Buu Saga Is Last Saga Of dbZ?

On the last episode Goku fights against uub. (He is an earthling, and due to being the positive reincarnation of the completely evil Kid Buu, his name is a result of reversing "Buu") Goku fights against him in the world martial arts championship, but uub has no fighting skills. So Goku goes to his village and helps to train him.

How many years did Goku train with Uub in Dragon ball z and GT?

It was 10 years

Does goku fight uub in Dragon Ball Z?

Yes. The last fight in Dragon Ball Z is between Goku and Uub. Goku goes easy on Uub, but when the latter is enraged, his power is equal to that of Goku (without Super Saiyan, of course).

What episode does goku goes to train with master roshi?

episode 17

When does Dragon Ball Z end?

Dragon ball z ends when Goku fights Uub. He thinks Uub can fight well and decides to train him. so they teach him to fly, then, BOOM! it was over. Goku left his family and said he will see them in a few years. Goku trained Ubb because he was kid buu reincarnated

When did dragon ball end?

dbz ended when goku agreed to go train uub the reiceration of buu or majin buu same thig

Is Oob really Boo reincarnated?

Ok... first of all i think his name is spelled "Uub" and "Buu" but in other countries that might be correct. I live in America so I wouldn't know. So... about your question... Yep. If you go on Youtube (or see the actual episodes) you can see on the last few episodes right before goku killed kid buu he made a wish that they could fight again. King Yemma heard this request and made a brand new buu. In the next episode goku fights in a world martial arts tournament ( and eventually cheats) just to fight Uub at his full strength. Goku and Uub fight in the first round (thanks to good buu) and tie. Then goku leaves his family and everyone he cares about and goes to a village to train Uub while he(Uub and his family) are getting sponcered by hercule. Happy?

When did Dragon Ball Z end?

dbz ended when goku agreed to go train uub the reiceration of buu or majin buu same thig

What episode in dbzdoes goku and gohan train in the hyperbolic time chamber?

episode 154

What happened at the end of Dragon Ball Z?

at the end of Dragon Ball Z goku is 46 years old and it's many years after the majin buu saga. gohan and videl have gotten married and have a daughter called pan. its time again for the world martian arts tournament where goku faces majin buu's pure hearted reincarnation, Uub at the end of their short but intense battle goku dicides to train Uub so that their would be a protector of the earth when goku is gone