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I think itz episode 102-103...

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Q: What episode did vegeta get his pink shirt?
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What was the episode that bulma gave vegeta a pink shirt?

Its simple. The episode that vegeta has a pink shirt is episode 103 dbz. :) glad i could help and make sure to see the whole episode to see it. enjoy!!

What episode does bulma tell vegeta take a bath?

Episode 188, "Frieza's Counterattack". Or episode 103 if you're watching the cut version. It's also the episode where Bulma has a dream about kissing Vegeta, and gives him a pink shirt.

What episode does vegeta take trunks to the park?

he says he will take him but there is no episode with vegeta and trunks going to the park :)

In which episode of DBZ did Vegeta and Kid Buu fight?

if I'm not mistaken its episode 280 in the uncut version and the episode is called "Vegeta's Respect"

Which episode does vegeta die?

Episode 280 i think....

What episode does vegeta turn to super sayian 4?

Vegeta turns super sayian in episode 59 of Dragonball gt

Which episode does vegeta turns super saiyan 4?

Vegeta turns ssj4 in episode 59 of dragon-ball gt

What episode does goku fight majin vegeta?

episode 213

What episode does goku and vegeta fight kid buu?

well goku fights in an episode called "Battle for the Universe Begins" in the uncut series it's episode 279 that they start in and if I'm not mistaken its episode 280 in the uncut version were vegeta fights buu and the episode is called "Vegeta's Respect".

What is the episode of dbz where vegeta breaks the punching machine?

episode 194

What episode does vegeta turn ssj2?

episode 214 when hes majin

What episode does vegeta turn ssj3?