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"The Andy Griffith Show" was a spin-off of "The Danny Thomas Show". In the Danny Thomas episode, Francis Bavier played a completely different character. When "The Andy Griffith Show" debuted, the first episode had Aunt Bea coming to live with Andy and Opie.

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Q: What episode did aunt bea come to live with Andy and opie?
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When did aunt bee come to live with Andy Griffith?

Before aunt bee, they had a house keeper named rose. She got married and left and then aunt bee came.

How did the Andy Griffith character become a widow?

It was never explained. The first episode (not counting the pilot) was about Aunt Bea coming to live with them.

On The Andy Griffith Show why didn't Aunt Bea have a Southern accent?

She didn't live with them when the show started. In the first episode, the original maid left and Aunt Bea moved to town to help out.

Was aunt Bee related to Andy Taylor on the Andy Griffith show?

Yes, she is his aunt. She came to live with them to help take care of Opie when Andy's housekeeper had to move away.

What was Andy griffiths grandmothers name?

Andrew Jackson is the main character on the Andy Griffith show. Aunt Bee is the live in housekeeper and surrogate grandmother to Opie, Andy's son.

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