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If this question contains the scene where Gaara comes in during Sasuke's training at the mountains, then the episode you're looking for is episode 63. The scene also appears in episode 75.

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Kakashi teaches Sasuke the Chidori because he feels that Sasuke is a lot like himself and it will help him get stronger to defeat his brother and/or protect his conrades.

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The one in which sakura marries a rhino.

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Q: What episode did Kakashi train kiba?
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What episode of naruto does Hinata train with kiba and shino?

Original series 151

Who is stronger Kankuro Kakashi Gaara or Kiba.?

kakashi kiba doesn't compare to any of them with him being chunnin and the rest in a higher rank. kakashi has mangekyou which then beats kankuro out. And ever since gaara lost shukaku he has gone weaker then kakashi.

What episode does Kakashi fight Kabuto?

it starts at episode 81 but im not really sure

In which episode does Kakashi fight pain?

it's episode 159 .... pain vs's the best

What Episode Does Kiba get stabbed in the stomach?

It could have been episode 5

What episode in Naruto shippuden does Naruto cry in the rain with a cape on?

Am not sure which Episode it is BUT i can tell you around the time it happened. IT was when Kakashi and Yamamoto and Naruto sakura kiba shino and ino and the rest sent out to find itachi. But before Itachi and Sasake had a fight. I think am not sure

What episode did Kakashi get his book?

Shippuden episode 1

What is the name of Kiba's from Naruto dog?

The name of Kiba's dog is AKAMARU and Naruto's dog (which is kakashi's dog who comes out of kakashi's summoning jutsu) is Pakkun. REMEMBER its so easy to memorize.Akamaru (Please people watch the anime or either visit an anime website for this stuff).

What is the best Naruto episode?

I think its the episode titled "Gotta See Gotta Know...Kakashi Sensei's True Face" I also like the 3rd episode where Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura tried to get Kakashi's bells. Or if your talking about shippuden...Kakashi Gaiden is great! In case you have not figured it out...I Love Kakashi!! ;)

What episode does Kakashi do the 1000 years of death?

I believe it is episode 4

What episode can you see Kakashi love story?

Episode 191 shipunden

Who kills Kakashi in episode 425?

Pein kills Kakashi in the manga chapter 425, but Nagato brings Kakashi back to life.