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They shared the dream of someday becoming lightweight champion of the world :)

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Q: What dream do antonio and Felix share?
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What make Antonio and Felix such good friend?

They are both boxers.Antonio and Felix are 17.They both want to win the fight.Both Antonio and Felix dream that one day they will become light-weight champions of the world in boxing.

What is the name of the actor that plays Felix in the CBBC programme I dream?

The actor who plays Felix in cbbc i dream is Matt De Angelo

How do Antonio and Felix's actions determine the outcome?


What are some differences between Antonio and Felix in the short story Amigo Brothers?

Antonio is described as having a balletic style, while Felix is known for his powerhouse punches. Antonio relies on speed and agility, while Felix relies on strength and endurance. Their differing fighting styles add tension to their friendly rivalry in the story.

What main conflict is best expressed in this passage Antonio and Felix both worry about how the fight will affect their friendship. Neither Antonio nor Felix wants to hurt the other but they know they?

You need to respond to this. We can't do your homework for you.

Where did the antonio and Felix fight?

It was scheduled to take place in Tompkins Square Park

Where did antonio cruz and Felix vargas fight?

They fought in las Vegas on titty rasin street

Why is the fight important for Felix and Antonio?

Because Each Of Them Will Fight Each Other With All Of Their Power

What can you share about the lost history of Antonio Tujan jr?

antonio "jing" tujan from lahug in cebu?

What is the birth name of Javier Ernez?

Javier Ernez's birth name is Javier Antonio Hernandez Felix.

How does this analogy help Felix deal with his internal conflict in amigo brothers story?

The analogy of the mango tree helps Felix realize that both he and Antonio can have their own paths to success, just like the branches of a tree can grow in different directions but still thrive. This understanding allows Felix to overcome his jealousy and competition with Antonio, helping him resolve his internal conflict.

What tea do you give to Felix in Professor Layton and Pandora's Box?

Felix, (Restaurant) Likes Tea No 7. 7 Dream Spice Contains: Brisk Berry Sweet - Dream Fluff Mild- Peppercherry. Brisk Berry Sweet = Revitalising - Dream Fluff Mild = Relaxing - Peppercherry Spicy = Uplifting.