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A "jock" is a somewhat derogatory term for an athletically-inclined male who may not be terribly intellectual. It is generally a negative stereotype used by non-athletes, and comes from the "jock strap," a protective item worn by males.

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Q: What does the term jock mean related to men?
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What are some slang words for an athlete?

Jock is the slang term for an athlete. It is a reference to a jock-strap, a men's undergarment used specifically for sports.

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Perhaps the biggest sensation to hit the men's underwear scene was the 1934 arrival of jock-type underwear shorts.

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You should wear a jockstrap and a cup for football. Unless you want your balls crushed. I've been hit in the balls playing football without a cup and it hurts like hell. You don't want a football crashing into your nuts, or a guy tackling you and having his knee somewhere it shouldn't be.

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