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The greatest love of all, is easy to achieve, learning to love your self, it is the greatest love of all.

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Q: What does the song Greatest Love of All mean?
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Who is known for the song 'The Greatest Love of All'?

Whitney Houston is known for the song 'The Greatest Love of All' . It was a song written by Michael Masser and Linda Creed. It was originally written for the biopic 'The Greatest'

When was the song greatest love of all by Whitney Houston released?

The song was released in 1986.

What is the song played when Steve Harvey said this is the greatest love song of all time?

the fields of athenrey

What is that song with the lyrics the children are your future sang by Whitney Houston?

It was "The Greatest Love of All"

What does pep love's song TAMI mean?

To All My Insipiration

What is Whitney Houston's favorite song?

Whitney Houston famously said that the song which means the most to her and is her favourite of all of the songs that she sang is The Greatest Love Of All as this song talks about learning to love yourself and living your life in the way that you believe and finding strength in love and appreciating the love you have for yourself and The Greatest Love Of All talks about the children being the future and how no matter what gets taken from you, nobody can take away your dignity, because you've found the greatest love of all inside of you. The Greatest Love Of All was a world wide smash hit al over the planet reaching number one and remaining at number one for some considerable amount of time in the 1980's.

What is the message of the song greatest love of all?

That's a question people can give you their opinion on but in all reality they won't give you the answer your looking for if the song means something to you. What the question you should be answering is What did the song mean to you? What was the message to you in the song, no matter if it's a crazy answer it's your answer and it's what it meant to you which means there is no right or wrong. ~Frootloopers

What song has George Benson made?

his crossover hits were: This Masquerade On Broadway Love Ballad Give me the Night Turn your love Around Lady Love me The Greatest Love of All

Who all sang the song greatest love of all?

George Benson-1977, almost ten years before Whitney Houston

Was love you do the first song The Beatles did?

first of all, its love me do, and what do you mean did? Recorded?? sang?? performed??

When was The Greatest Love of All created?

The Greatest Love of All was created on 1986-03-14.

What is bsb everything but mine the song mean?

what does the song of bsb everything but mine mean in the lyrics and shattered mean and love will keep you up all night