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Season 3 began with episode named "SO" and ended with episode named "NS". The first episode made you think it was just the word "So", as in "So what" or "So, what's next?".

At the end, Jacks puts his "SN" ring in front of his fathers ring that read "SO". If put in original order, they would spell "SONS", but Jacks is making a statement that things are "backwards" with "The Sons".

I would imagine that the rings could have a larger unity than just Jacks to his father. Like in The Lord of the Rings. Perhaps all the founding members have two letters that spell out "SONS OF ANARCHY", or at least Jacks' father had a single set of two rings that when put on two neighboring fingers spelled "SONS"...common bling for bikers and bling wearers alike.

It doesn't tell us any of this, you have to just figure it out much like The Sopranos ending.

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Q: What does the so and ns rings stand for in sons of anarchy?
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