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Q: What does the princesses eighteenth birthday imply in the princess and the tin box?
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What is a sentence with imply?

His demeanor seemed to imply the worst. I would not imply that.

Is it correct to write does it imply or does it implies?

The correct form is "does it imply", as "imply" is the base form of the verb and is used with the auxiliary verb "does" in interrogative sentences.

What is the noun of imply?

Implication is the noun form of "imply."

Would you please use imply in a sentence?

A: What does the look on his face imply?B: It implies that he doesn't like the plan.Just exactly what do you mean to imply by that?What ARE you trying to imply?Please imply elswhere.

What is t prefix of the word imply?

The prefix of the word imply is IM it means not or non(:

How do you word cash bar on birthday party invitations?

You can s imply write 'cash bar' on the invitation and also if there will be food; whether it's a live band or not, etc. If this birthday is in a hall or reception area then be sure to put a map in with the invitations and your home phone and cell numbers.

What does imply mean in brief?

The verb to imply: to suggest or indicate without direct statement.

To give a hint about something is the same as t?

Two words that mean "to give a hint about something" are imply or intimate.Imply: strongly suggest the truth or existence ofIntimate: Imply or make known

What is the noun form of imply?

Implication is the noun form of "imply."

What are example sentences of the word imply?

"Her silence implied that she didn't agree with the decision." "The sign on the door implied that the store was closed." "His raised eyebrow seemed to imply doubt."

What does it mean when a guy calls you princess?

Calling someone "princess" can be a term of endearment or a way to show affection. It may imply that he sees you as special, cherished, or deserving of royal treatment. However, it's important to consider the context and your relationship with the person to fully understand the intention behind the term.

What rhymes with imply?