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Owen huges as in owing hughes. for example and man called Owen money would be owing money!

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Q: What does the owain hughes joke mean on gavin and Stacey?
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What does the welsh joke Owain Hughes mean?

Owain Hughes means to owe money so its owe money do you?Owain is a form of Owen. Owen Hughes.

What does Owen Hughes joke mean on Gavin and Stacy?

It a play on the nameOWEN HUGHES You'll hear "hes Owen hughes" - response "does he?" - response "NO, he doesn't" What your hearing is; Hes owing hughes (as in owing someone something in this case Hughes) Does he ?(as in does he owe hughes anything) No he doesn't Silly, but one of those play on word sounds - There is a comedian and broadcaster with BBC Wales whose stage name is...............Owen Money (Owing Money!).

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