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charlie doesn't want to know everything about the supernatural, he's honestly freaked about it, and when Jacob phases in front of him he realizes the less he knows the better.

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Q: What does the need to know thing with Charlie mean in breaking dawn?
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How does charlie know Jacobs secret?

Jacob turn into a werewolf in front of Charlie, and tell him everything. (In Breaking Dawn)

In breaking dawn does the cullens secret get found out from charlie?

WELL......................................... no charlie never does find out but he does know Jacob is a werewolf

In twilight does charlie know Edwards secret?

No. In the last book, breaking dawn, he almost finds out.

How doe charlie already know about the cullens blacks and hales?

he sort of guessed (as of the end of Breaking Dawn)

In Breaking Dawn does Renesmee Know all about her Family's Vampire Secret thing?


When does Bella find out Jacob Blacks secret?

Kinda in the middle of Breaking Dawn. Jacob changes in front of him, but he doesn't know EVERYTHiNG about the cullens. Jacob phases in front of him in breaking dawn. and charlie never actually knows anything about the cullens, he just knows that they are not normal

How do Bella's parents find out she's pregnant in Breaking dawn?

renee doesn't know and charlie knows somethin is up - he doesn't know the whole story

Are they going to make a movie?

Twilight is out ; New Moon is out ; Eclipse is out ; and ; Breaking Dawn is soon to come out,but only thing about Breaking Dawn,is that they are making it into a part one/part two movie. I know this for a fact.

What is the thing in Bella in Breaking Dawn?

A developing (vampire) fetus...hahaha wow. Now you know where babies come from!

Does Bella and Jacob kiss is Breaking Dawn?

No not in breaking dawn. As you probably know they did in eclipse, poor edward!

Will Breaking Dawn be bloody?

yes, it breaking dawn bella has a baby.. is that all you need to know?

Will bob who play's seth clearwater be in breaking dawn?

they don't know for sure if there will be a movie of Breaking Dawn.