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hostage, pledge

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it means hostage or pledge

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A person who loves a Miguel Vega!

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Q: What does the name gisel mean?
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I am assuming you are referring to Gisela Morales, who was an Olympic swimmer from Guatemala. Her full name is Gisela Maria Morales Valentin.

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What does Gisela mean in German?

Gisela is a German name, but not an actual word. If you are asking for the meaning of the name Gisela: Most sources say that the name (which is old German) means "Geisel" ("hostage", but I'm sure it originally didn't have exactly todays meaning), "Bürge" ("bailer", "warrantor"), "Unterpfand" ("pledge"). One source (the one I personally would trust the most) says, that the name is one of many others with the element "Gisel", which meant scion, sapling, sometimes also "hostage".

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