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In Japanese it means "Wooden horse" or "Rocking horse" ^_^

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Q: What does the name Mokuba mean?
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How old is Mokuba Kaiba?

Mokuba is 12 years old.

Does Yugi or Mokuba get kidnapped Does Yugi or Mokuba or Tea get tied up in web rope or tape?

well mokuba and tea once were kidnapped but yigi saved them

Who dubs Mokuba Kaiba in the English version?

Mokuba is voiced by Tara Sands (season 1-4) and Caroline Lawson (season 5).

What day was Mokuba Kaiba born on?

Mokuba Kaiba is a character from Yu-Gi-Oh!. Mokuba Kaiba was born on the day of July 7th. He stands at 4.6 feet tall and weighs in at 62 pounds. He hates celery and loves chocolate parfaits.

Does Yugioh Yugi or Mokuba get tied up in rope or just tied up?

At the end of one of the episode it shows Tea,and Mokuba tied up in rope. At the begining of the same episode it shows Mokuba bound in rope and gagged hanging otu of a helicopter. in maga That happed to yugi he was kidnap and tied up to a chair tape gagged and beer feet with mokuba in maga what when did this happen

What is the shipping called for Mokuba x Touzoku?


Does Yugi or Mokuba get chair tied or hogtied?

yes. mokuba has been chair tied once in the series maga and he has his mouth gagged with duck tape and yugi is hog tied and gagged in maga by mokuba for beating is bro yugi chiar tied and socks gagged and beer feet with mokuba in maga and i he yugi is tied up gagged and tickled by rebecca in maga when did this happen?

How old is Mokuba from Yu-Gi-Oh?

Mokuba's age isn't listed, but in the manga, it was said he was born when Kaiba was 5, which makes him 11 or 12, assuming Kaiba is 16 or 17."

Does Yugi or Mokuba or Tea get tied up in web rope or tape?

in yugioh the movie maga yugi tea and mokuba are tied up in web and gagged then tied up in rope 30 mint in

Does Yugi or Mokuba get kidnapped?

Mokuba gets kidnapped quite a bit in the sries. I remember Yugi his ben kidnapped and tied up gagged when did this happen?

Has seto kaiba ever been physically bullied?

If he did, it was never mentioned. His brother Mokuba was, but Seto always stood up for him.

How many times does mokuba get kidnapped?

he has been kidnapped a grad total of 15 times. God it seems like i have your wifeis the perfect title for him