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Q: What does the movie title Turtles Can Fly mean?
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When was Turtles Can Fly created?

Turtles Can Fly was created on 2004-09-10.

Can turtles fly eventually in life someday?

well, no because turtles do not have wings

What insect has fly in the title?


What is the title of the movie about teleportation?

"The Fly" (1986). Stars Jeff Goldblum, Geena Davis. "The Fly" (1958). Stars Vincent Price, David Hedison.

What is the film where son turns into a fly?

Return of the Fly (1959) aka Son of the Fly, starring Vincent Price.

Can box turtles eat a fly?

hello it is me die

Who made the song fly like an ego?

Do you mean "Fly Like An Eagle"? If so, it was written by Steve Miller and released on his album of the same title in 1977.

What is that new movie where they look for landmines in Iraq?

The Hurt Locker.Unless you meant the one with the Kurdish children in Iraq, searching for landmines to disarm for a living.That film's called: "Turtles Can Fly"

What types of turtles can fly?

one type of a flying turtle is a biting turtle and a snapping turtle as well as sea turtles

Instrument in I believe i can fly?

what do you mean? do you mean the part from the Ice Age movie? not to be picky or anything, but i don't really get the question!

How do turtles fly?

They don't fly..... what the heck!!!!! Turltels cant fly dimm witt................................. Oh and by the way do you know how to spell Turltels.... its TURTLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do turtles eat mosquitoes?

Most snakes do not eat bugs regularly and likely will not eat flies if you try and give them to them.