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The mirage could symbolize trickery and false appearances.

You could compare it to the island itself, so that the mirage represents good things. The boys experience beautiful natural surroundings which some people say is like the garden of Eden (in The Bible).

However these "good" things are also dangerous, for example the fruit makes the boys vomit. Appearances can be deceptive and this applies to characters and democratic structure as well. Things that seem perfect can fall apart- like how the rules of the group never had any threats attached. This leads to revolt.

The island's beauty and perfection also show that the problems lie within the boys rather than other, external factors. In the story of Adam and eve, evil is represented by a snake, but by the end of LoF we discover there is no "snake thing".

The fire that destroys the forest is created by the group, and when the island was uninhabited it was perfect. So you might think the boys are kind of evil. Golding (who wrote the book) saw horrible, evil acts committed during WW2 by people. If people could do things like that then surely evil is internal?

The theme is continued with brother turning on brother (Samneric hit each other at one point). But that has very little to do with the mirage and false appearances.

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Q: What does the mirage symbolize in Lord of the Flies?
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Water in Lord of the Flies symbolizes rebirth.

What does the water symbolize in the book Lord of the Flies?

the men

What does the fruit symbolize in Lord of the Flies?

adaptation to the island

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The savagery inside the boys themselves.

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I am pretty sure he symbolizes democracy and goodwill.

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lighting will symbolize the death and hardships of the boys and the dangers that they encounter with their surroundings and savage ways.

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Simon's bower represents civilization.

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The assemblies in "Lord of the Flies" symbolize the boys' attempts to establish order and civilization on the island. However, as the story progresses, the assemblies become increasingly chaotic and ineffective, mirroring the breakdown of societal norms and the boys' descent into savagery.

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the glasses symbolize hope because with the glasses the boys can start a signal fire,cook,and have heat

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It symbolizes the monstrosity and animalism of everyone on the island, when it was meant to be an offering to the beast. The beast was in all of them.

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Ralph's daydreams in "Lord of the Flies" can symbolize his desire for order, civilization, and rescue. They represent his longing for a return to a peaceful and structured society amidst the chaos and savagery that unfolds on the island. His daydreams serve as a contrast to the harsh reality of their situation, highlighting the struggle between civilization and primal instincts.