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elgie llarvez candelario <3 rold michael cornejo

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Q: What does the knife in the movie finding forrester means?
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What is the genre for the movie finding forrester?


Who is Forrester in the movie Finding Forrester?

Sean Connery plays the title character in the 2000 film 'Finding Forrester.' He plays a reclusive writer who befriends a talented prep-school student.

Why did William Forrester in the movie Finding Forrester become a recluse?

Because he felt responsible for his Brothers death

Finding Forrester who made the movie?

Gus Van Sant.

In the movie finding forrester What school did jamal Wallace get a scholarship to?

Mailor Callow

In which movie does Sean Connery shout You're the man now dog?

Finding Forrester

In what movie does Sean Connery shout You're the man now dog?

Finding Forrester

Who is the director of Finding Forrester?

According to IMDB the movie Finding Forrester that came out in the year 2000, was directed by a man named Gus Van Sant. The movie received a rating of 7.2 out of ten stars. Mr. Sant also directed a remake the movie Psycho in 1998.

What is the name of the movie where a famous author teaches a inner city kid to write?

Finding Forrester

Why is the movie called Finding Forrester?

The title is related to the fact that Jamal Wallace, a young man who is striving to become an accomplished writer, "finds" a reclusive author who helps him develop his writing skills. The author's last name is Forrester.

What is the song that plays when Sean Connery rides away on a bicycle in the movie Finding Forrester?

It's called "You&acute;re so cool " by Hans Zimmer

Is William Forrester a real author?

No. He is only a character in the movie Finding Forrester. Some people point to parallels between the character of Forrester and the real life author J.D. Salinger. Similar to the movie, Salinger blocked a biography of himself, for instance, and he was also wildly famous for just one book. IMDB trivia about the movie claims "In addition to being based on J.D. Salinger, William Forrester is also heavily inspired by John Kennedy Toole." Toole published a work that won the Pulitzer the year after he died. Interestingly, the movie says that Forrester won a Pulitzer Prize in a year when no one won in that particular category.