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RKO is a simple abbreviation for Randy Orton's initials being Randy Keith Orton

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Q: What does the finisher RKO mean in WWE?
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What is Randy Orton finisher in WWE?

it is "RKO"

Who has the fastest ko in WWE?

Randy orton his finisher is teh RKO!

What does rko means in WWE?

Randy Kieth Orton.But at first i thoght it was randy knock out.hoped i helped!

What is randy orton finisher?


Is the finishers real?

by Jeremiah the wwe finishers are real bu t my dad thinks it fake.even Randy Orton finisher the RKO

What Is Bob Orton's Finisher?

his finisher is lift piledriver and diving elbow drop

What is randy orton's special?

RKO is his finisher.

What does randy orton's finisher RKO stand for?

The "K" in RKO stands for Randy Orton's middle name which is Keith. RKO could also mean randy knock out but i am not so sure about his.

How do you change your finisher on WWE 2010?

by showing the finisher to the wwe universe on one of wwe wrestlers

Who won WWE royal rumble 2009?

randy orton of course go rko rko rko rko luv rko

What is the worst finisher in WWE?

well, i think the worst finisher in wwe is the is fake !!!!!!!

What is the best move in WWE?