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The F Stand's For Featuring.

Weezy Is Short For Dwayne (His Real Name), F For Featuring,

And Baby For Birdman (His Real Name)


So Weezy Featuring Baby. <'3

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Q: What does the f in Lil Wayne's nickname weezy f. baby mean?
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young weezy baby

Why is there an f in Lil Wayne's name?

His full name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. tha 3rd. He duznt lyke ta be called Dwayne cuz he waz named after his daddy and he left Weezy and his momma so he only lykes to be called Wayne. -The F in one of his apperence names can either mean Weezy ft. Baby(wen he performs songs with Birdman), or it can mean Weezy F***** Baby.Either way works.

What does free weezy mean?

It means release Lil' Wayne out of jail.

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It is just a cute nickname like baby, honey, sweetie, ect.

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What does the f stand for in weezy f?

The "F" in Weezy F Baby stands for a lot of things. Some of the things the "F" stands for are fornicate, front door, forever boy, finisher, free, phenominal, FEMA, finer cake, ferocious, f*****g, flame, franchise and forensics. I personally think Wayne sums up all the questions about what it stands for in "Go Harder" with Nicki Minaj. In there one of the last lines he says "Weezy F Baby and the F is for a bunch of s**t" That right there tells me we will never know all the nicknames. But in speculation to that Wayne has also said in interviews that Weezy F Baby doesn't really mean anything.

What does mula mean?

money &amp; cash younnggg mula babyyyy =] -weezy f babyyy- &lt;3

What does it mean if he ask for something and ends it with baby?

Baby meaning child or baby meaning like a nickname? Baby (child): He wants a baby or doesnt want a baby. Use context clues. Baby (nickname): He obviously wants something, so he;s sugar-coting his questions, trying to be sweet and cute. If its something you don't want to do, then dont do it. Hope this helps. ~Minimini&lt;3

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What do the teardrops on lil waynes face mean?

it means he he lose a close person

What is lil waynes children called?

If you mean their names then Reginae and Dwayne and he has one on the way.

When does Lil Wayne get of of jail?

When does Weezy get out of jail is what I'm assuming you mean. And it's November 8th as long as he's good.