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He tells Twain to attack Brown again when they are on shore.

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Q: What does the captain do when he learns that Twain attacked Brown?
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What is the captain's reaction to twain beating brown?

He congrats him

What is the summary of cub pilot on the Mississippi?

The Captain and Brown are in a conflict at the end of the story because Brown is arguing that Twain should be thrown off the boat and gives the captain an ultimatum. The Captain chooses Twain over Brown.

Is Brown treatment of Twain the result of a personal dislike for him or an overall attitude?

The Captain seemed to think that Brown treated everyone the same way.

What is the external conflict in cub pilot on the Mississippi?

the external conflict is the struggle btween brown and twain ,brown is twain's boss. so twain cannot answer back . But brown is cruel to twain and tries his patience

What are the release dates for Mark Twain's the Captain's Story - 2014?

Mark Twain's the Captain's Story - 2014 was released on: USA: 9 February 2014 (Phoenix, Arizona) (premiere)

What is the captains reaction to twains beating up of brown?

The captain is horrified and shocked by Twain's behavior, as he holds a strong sense of compassion and respect for all forms of life. He believes in peaceful conflict resolution and is deeply troubled by the violence displayed by Twain.

Which best summarizes the lesson Twain learns in A Cub Pilot?

In "A Cub Pilot," Twain learns the importance of hard work, perseverance, and humility. He discovers that experience and knowledge are necessary for success, and that he must respect the Mississippi River and its dangers in order to become a skilled pilot. Ultimately, Twain gains a greater appreciation for the challenges and rewards of the profession.

What is Mark Twain hair color?

Mark Twain's hair color is red, although it does not show up in black and white pictures.

Why did brown examine Twain's shoes so carefully?

Brown examined Twain's shoes carefully to confirm that they matched footprints found at the crime scene, indicating Twain's presence. This was a common forensic technique used to establish a suspect's connection to a specific location.

Why is twain afraid to take action against brown?

Twain is afraid to take action against Brown because he lacks courage and is unsure of the consequences. He may fear retaliation or escalating the situation. Twain's lack of confidence and fear of conflict could also be factors contributing to his reluctance to take action against Brown.

Why is browns treatment of twain unfair?

brown is there to give advice when twain does something wrong. he also should have patience with him and explain how things are done since he is a cub pilot. brown is there to show him not criticize him.

Why does twain dislike brown in cub pilot on the Mississippi?

Because brown was very mean to him.