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Philips is a well known brand in many households. Philips is well known for lightbulbs. As they are an electronic company, they also make radios, appliances, and even medical equipment.

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Q: What does the brand Philips make?
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Which brand has punchline Let's make things better?


Is Philips a good brand?

yes Philips is really a good brand in the field of electronics. they manifacture cfl electronic radios, cassette player and music system . they are also providing good quality and effective coast(economical). so i will you recommened you for Philips.

What does Philips Senseo make?

Philips Senseo makes various types of coffee makers. It was a very popular brand of coffee makers, selling over 20 million products by 2008. It was first produced in 2001 in the Netherlands.

How well does a philips phone work?

Philips is a reputable brand of electronics, so it should be good. However, here is a link to a list of reviews for philips phones

Where can one purchase a Philips MP4 Player?

Philips brand MP4 players can be purchased from various outlets in the United Kingdom. They are stocked by Argos, Tesco and Amazon, and can also be bought on Ebay.

Does Philips make LCD panels?


How does a Philips remote compare to other brands?

Philips remotes put more in control of your devices. No matter the brand of electronics you are use! Philips has a remote to get your back in control. Get rid of the 5 remotes you use on your electronic devices and buy you a Philip remote it's all you need.

What is the punchline of Philips?

let's make things better

Where can one purchase a Philips brand lighting control?

One can purchase most Philips products, including a lighting control, from Home Depot. Other online sources such as Amazon and eBay also carry this item.

Where can one find reviews for Philips speakers?

One may find reviews for Philips brand speakers from CNET. They have experts who test and review the speakers and provide a 5 star rating system for all items reviewed.

Which company has punchline of Let's make things better?


Do they still make amplified Philips antenna model many 310?

I talked to someone at philips through there chat help line and they no longer make the mant 310 antenna sorry