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Retared. Really, REALLY retared

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Q: What does the Hummer from Inception look like?
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What is better Jeep or Hummer?

(answered by hoseyjames35) answer: see look at it like it like this a jeep is like the steelers and the hummer is the cardinals. there basically equal but the jeep comes on top due to its many pecks and mpgs

How do you get the Hummer on GTASan Andreas?

There is no hummer in gta san Andreas (anser 1) there ist a hummer but if you think you have seen one you can mod cars wich means youre relly pimping a car so you might be able to make a car look like a hummer (anser 2)

How will the coverart of inception look like on DVD?

Pretty much the same as the theatrical poster.

Where can I purchase a hummer rc car for my child's birthday?

You can look in hobby or specialty stores to find various types of RC Hummer toys. You can also fing them in places like which can ship the toy right to you.

Where can I find a yellow 2011 hummer?

The first place to look would be your local Hummer/GM dealership. If they don't have one, they can often refer you to one nearby. You could also look in the classifieds.

Where can you find a deal on a Hummer?

Someone could find a deal on a Hummer by looking on listings for used cars online or looking on craigslist. Someone could also go to a local dealer to look for deals on a Hummer.

Where can I hire a hummer from NOT A LIMO?

You can get it from a Chevy dealership or go on Creggslist and look for one to.

Where do you buy a Hummer?

A Hummer dealership. To buy one of the original HUM-Vs you'll need to look in the used car market. Try the Google search on the right

What song do they play in the block 2012 when eliminating one of the couples?

It sounds like a version of the theme from the movie inception.. Look up the soundtrack on iTunes...

Is a hummer classified as a jeep?

I assume you mean Hummer. No, a Hummer is not a Jeep. The Hummer or Humvee replaced the Jeep in the U.S. Military.

Who manufactures hummer vehicles?


Where can I find a used Hummer?

Most used Hummer car dealers have very informative websites to look through to find a Hummer in good running condition. They have great information and pictures of the Hummers on their sites along with very reasonable prices to fit most budgets.