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World Wrestling Entertainment

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Q: What does sts stand for in WWE?
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What does STS stand for on Cadillacs?

Sport touring sedan

Who wins WWE championship at WWE one night stand?

Triple H retains the WWE title at WWE one night stand 2008 by pinning Randy Orton.

What does hbk stand for in WWE?


What does sts stand for on a car?

If you are talking about a Cadillac, It is a model or version of that car.

What does raw stand for in WWE?

wwe's Monday night Raw stands for ( Real Athletic Wrestling )

What does the WWE word SmackDown stand for?

it is not stood for something it is just a name for a wwe/wwf arena

What are the ratings and certificates for WWE One Night Stand - 2008 TV?

WWE One Night Stand - 2008 TV is rated/received certificates of: Australia:MA

What do ddt stand for in the WWE?

Dash Double Takerdown

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What does rtwm stand for in the WWE?

RTWM means 'Road to WrestleMania', it is a game mode in various annual WWE video games.

What does WWE superstar mvp stand for?

WWE superstar MVP: World Wrestling Entertainment superstar most valued player

What does WWE stand for?

WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment.