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Samba Pa Ti roughly translates to Solo For You in English. Samba Pa Ti is the name of a song and compilation C.D. by famous guitarist Carlos "Santana."

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Q: What does samba pa ti stand for?
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What does samba pa ti stand for when translated?

"When translated, Samba Pa Ti means....Samba for you. This is a track from the album Abraxus by latin band Santana. This album was released in September 2007."

What album is Samba Pa Ti from?

"The song Samba Pa Ti, is actually from an album called Samba Pa Ti by the artist Santana. It was a compilation album created by Santana in 1988, and re-released in 1995 by Tristar and Alex Imports."

What is the English interpretation or meaning of Santanas song Samba Pa Ti?

from Spanish people that I know: Samba Pa Ti in English is equal to "Solo For You".

What rumba music did kara dance to?

Samba Pa Ti by Santana

Is there a samba song called samba di tepa or anything similar?

There is a song called "Samba Pa Ti", an instrumental from the album "Abraxas" by Santana.

Which Carlos Santana recording is used in the M S advert?

The track is Samba Pa Ti which is off the 1970's album 'Abraxas' by Santana.

Can you suggest me an instrumental song to played with a guitar on stage?

Samba pa ti - Santana, great instrumental, used to be on the M&S advert or, In Dulci Jubilo- Mike oldfield, another great instrumental Cheers.

What does PA stand for as in the state stand for?

PA stands for Pennsylvania.

What does PA stand for after a corporation's name?

PA Stand For Pennsylvania

What actors and actresses appeared in Pa ti pa siempre - 2003?

The cast of Pa ti pa siempre - 2003 includes: Endika Aberasturi Mikel Garmendia Alain Mendoza Paco Sagarzazu Daniel Tercero

What are some Famous Songs by Carlos Santana?

Santana has many famous songs. a few of these are Black Magic woman (featured on guitar hero 3), oye como va, samba pa ti, smooth, maria maria, into the light.

What does 4 pa' ti mean?

That is spanish for = 4 for you.

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