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That means "Registered with the United States Patent Office".

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"REGUSPATOFF" IS second name of Russian inventor. But his grammar was weak and he wrote dots too often like this
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Q: What does reg us pat off mean?
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Correct Bat dating of baseball batYou did not mention if the bat has a player endorsement. The bulk of the value of your bat will rely on a player endorsement. Without one the bat will have a low collectors value. Size, condition,and age is a factor as well. Hillerich & Bradsby Co. has used different oval center brands in their history. by correctly identifying the label trade marks and patens you can date the bat to a particular era.If your bat reads J.F. HILLERERICH & SON Co, and TRADE MARK REG US PAT OFF it would be dated to the 1911-1916 bat label period, not 1948 - 1963.

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