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Ralph asked Piggy to take down the names of all the boys. Later, when the first fire on the mountain top gets out of control Piggy admits that he doesn't know the names of all the boys or even exactly how many boys there are. He didn't forget to carry out Ralph's request but, as he explained, "They waited about two minutes, then... they just scattered everywhere. How was I supposd to know which was which?"

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In the Lord of the Flies, Piggy suggests that they should make a sun dial. Ralph, along with the rest of the boys, ignores this recommendation.

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Q: What does piggy suggest making that Ralph ignores?
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What does piggy suggest that Ralph ignores?

He suggests that him and ralph join jacks group.

What does piggy suggest making bu Ralph ignores?

He responds by not really liking the idea but goes along with it anyway. They find a conch and Piggy tells him how to blow in it so it makes a noise. When he blows the conch, slowly, one by one, all the other schoolkids stranded on the island come to the place where Ralph and Piggy are.

Who suggests Ralph and Piggy should go to the party?

Who suggest Ralph & Piggy should go to the party in Chap.9

When the meeting breaks up what does Piggy suggest Ralph do to bring the meeting back to order?

He suggest that ralph blows the conch.

What does piggy suggest Ralph do to bring the meetting back to order?

He suggests Ralph to blow the conch shell

What does piggy suggest but Ralph ignores in chapter 4 of lord of the flies?

Piggy suggests building a sundial to keep track of time on the island, but Ralph ignores him because he is more focused on the immediate need of building shelters. Piggy's idea of a sundial represents his practical and logical thinking, which is often overlooked by the other boys.

What does piggy suggest to him cheers him up?

Piggy suggests building a signal fire to increase their chances of being rescued which cheers up Ralph. Piggy also reminds Ralph of their goal to work together and maintain order on the island.

What does piggy suggest be done with the treasure Ralph has found?

Piggy suggests using the conch shell to call for the other boys who are stranded on the island.

How does Ralph suggest Piggy contact his aunt?

Send his aunt a letter.

In lord of the flies what does piggy suggest that Ralph should do with the conch shell?

Piggy suggests that Ralph should blow the conch shell to gather the boys and reestablish order and civilization on the island. He believes that the conch represents authority and should be used to maintain a sense of structure and unity among the group.

What does Ralph say to piggys remark that they were scared?

Why does piggy suggest that they let the signal forego out at night and relight it every morning? How does Ralph react?

In what ways did Ralph disappoint Piggy?

Piggy is Ralph's best ally but he does not stand up for Piggy.