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The name Permanente came from Permanente Creek, which ran by Henry Kaiser's first cement plant on Black Mountain in Cupertino, California.

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Q: What does permanente in kaiser permanente mean?
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What is Kaiser Permanente?

The population of Kaiser Permanente is 2,009.

What is Kaiser Permanente's population?

The population of Kaiser Permanente is 2,009.

Is there a Kaiser Permanente in Oregon?

Yes, Kaiser Permanente operates in the state of Oregon.

HAS kaiser permanente ever FILED bankruptcy?

do you know if kaiser permanente filed bankruptcy?

Kaiser permanente's medical plan is a closed panel program which means what?

The physicians who contract with Kaiser Permanente only see Kaiser Permanente's insureds; they do not see patients insured by other companies.

What is the population of Kaiser Permanente?

Kaiser Permanente is a healthcare system, not a location with a specific population count. It serves over 12.4 million members in the United States.

How is Kaiser Permanente rated compared to other health insurance companies?

Kaiser Permanente is one of the best of health insurance companies ever. If compared to other companies, Kaiser Permanente can be regarded as the complement from other companies.

Doe you have to be 18 to work at Kaiser Permanente?

Yes. You have to be at least 18 years of age to be an employee for Kaiser Permanente. There are a lot of great job opportunities other than Kaiser Permanente for people who are between the ages 16-18.

What services do Kaiser PermanEnte provide?

The company Kaiser Permanente provides health care insurance to thousands if not millions of people nationwide. Kaiser Permanente has been in business for over sixty years, and has been a leader in their field for almost the entire time.

What is Kaiser Permanente's ticker symbol?


Where can one apply for work at Kaiser?

If you are looking to work for Kaiser Permanente the best place to start would be the Kaiser Permanente official website. They have a dedicated career section for those looking for employment.

How would one make a Kaiser Permanente appointment?

One could make a Kaiser Permanente appointment online buy going to the Kaiser Permanente website, signing in, and then proceeding to the 'appointments' page. One can also make an appointment by calling ones local office.